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A phone in need is a friend indeed – BangaloreMirror

City techies develop revolutionary charger that will change your life

Mobile phones running out of battery is something everyone is constantly worried about. If you have a charger, you need a plug point and with power banks you need to make sure it is charged. A Bengaluru- based start-up, Waferlabs, has a come up with a solution for this problem- ChargerPot. The gadget that weighs 10 grams can also be used to share files between different mobiles.

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You’re at work and your rumbling tummy reminds you it’s way past lunch time. You quickly log in and pick something from an online delivery site and just when you have gone through the various arduous steps and are about to click ‘pay’, the boss calls. Lunch cancelled? You are on a date and decide to take your partner for a movie. But you don’t want to waste time booking tickets online. Help is at hand. Bengaluru-based venture Waferlabs has come up with a solution – an assistant available on WhatsApp called

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Waiting for Better Battery-Charging Technology

“You really want another thing to charge?” Steve Jobs said, with an incredulous expression.

About five years ago, Re/code co-executive editor Walt Mossberg and I sat in a meeting with Apple’s then-CEO, discussing the smartphone landscape, among other things. We broached the topic of wireless earbuds for the iPhone, since everything else seemed to be riding the wire-free trend. Jobs was immediately ready with his retort — which, in memory, may not have been as PG as the quote above.

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Transform your smartphone into Powerbank via ChargerPot

Smartphones might be smart but their ‘smartness’ gets equally tested by its users. Also with the kind of usage we have these days, it has become imperative to have powerbank or external chargers with us to make sure that we never run out of juice.

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